The sad but true fact is that Moped crime has risen 30 times in 5 years. Shocking right? There’s a clear correlation between the increase in Moped crime and the amount of time we spend on our phones, even wearing headphones can make you a target. Walking around in a ‘bubble’ is bound to have bad consequences, be that walking into a lamppost or being robbed by two young boys on a Moped. The criminals carrying out these acts have been smart enough to capitalise on our absence of mind, so it’s time that we reverse that and use our knowledge of the attacks to prevent it from happening again.

Switching to hands free devices?

  • The benefits of this are clear; if there is nothing in your hand, there is nothing for them to grab, therefore they’re unlikely to target you

Spreading out belongings?

  • Obviously its unfavourable for any of your belongings to be stolen, but at least if they’re spread out (bag, coat, trouser pockets) you’re likely to only lose the easiest thing for them to grab on to


  • Try switching up your laptop bag for a gym bag, they’re unlikely to steal a large bag that appears to have sweaty gym clothes in

The Met Police are desperately trying to come up with ways to combat this type of crime. They are now using stingers which are remotely triggered and will puncture tyres, as well as a UV spray that will show up after months on the clothing of a suspect. These are good methods to deal with the issue of arresting suspects, however there are little preventative actions being taken. It is up to you, not the police, to ensure that you are minimising your risk of being a target so please take yourself out of the bubble… it’s not worth the risk. The Met are unable to chase down Moped drivers due to the risk it poses to the public which lessens the likelihood of catching suspects. So, it is important to try your best to keep on lit roads that have visible CCTV cameras.

May 2017 showed there were 2,280 scooter-related offences recorded in the capital that month, with a suspect charged in only 1.7% of cases.

Be vigilant, be cautious and be safe.

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