Retail Security & Loss Prevention

Retail security & loss prevention

Dynamic strategies

With recognised recent studies showing that retail crime is becoming more sophisticated and is not only on the increase but at a U.K. all time high meaning the need for a dynamic loss prevention plan has never been more important. At Consec Risk Management we understand the challenges faced by the retail sector to protect employees and property whilst reducing anti-social behaviour and other contributing factors that make up retail crime.

Consec Risk Management offer

an experienced, bespoke and reliable retail security solution with a dedicated team delivering results driven strategies for guarding stock, managing and improving internal processes and ensuring your business has the tools to protect valuable assets and prevent crime.

We offer a full range of retail security services

available across the UK, from dedicated uniformed retail guards with years of industry to consultancy advice on premises hardening with CCTV and a variety of technical security measures helping to secure your staff premises and stock. Utilising our flexible bespoke approach allows you to implement a strong visual deterrent, loss prevention strategies, and provide your staff with recognised training.

Depending on image and branding

we can also offer discreet store detectives that can take your security to the next level, provide your stock and staff with the protection it needs whilst remaining discreet and conscious of your business image and clientele. Our store detectives will blend in as just another customer whilst monitoring for suspicious activity.

Retail security & loss prevention

All our staff are experienced

in dealing with conflict and both verbally and physically aggressive behaviour. Should need to make an arrest our personnel will do so in an efficient, subtle manner without causing any unnecessary disruption or attention. With strong collaborative links to the police our officers are trained to take statements, carry out interviews and investigate any situations that occur. With a vigorous screening & vetting process and SIA qualifications you have the peace of mind that our staff are equipped to handle a multitude of scenarios competently and professionally.

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