Family Security Office

One of our specially selected Family Security Advisors can provide an added level of protection to a busy household by managing the safety and security of family members, guests and household staff.

Carefully tailored security advice ensures the home is not compromised by complacent or poor practices, ensuring activities are not vulnerable to criminal activity and a sense of safety is enabled across all activities at home, work and travel.

Family security office

VIP Chaperones can offer

the same security services as Close Protection Officers, but with additional management skills and child safeguarding qualifications. They are experienced in managing daily itineraries, last-minute changes for the client, briefing staff, bespoke travel requests and day-to-day finances. This allows our clients to enjoy a relaxing vacation, business trip or conduct their daily business safe in the knowledge that their family is safe and secure.

We also offer practical assistance in itinerary planning, ensuring travellers have all the necessary security systems in place for their trip. This can include Gap Years for young adults, making sure their parents or guardians are confident and reassured.

Our support doesn’t have to stop

when travels begin. Our Special Projects service include reactive recovery in extreme situations or medical emergencies. All packages are carefully tailored to meet the exact requirements of our clients whilst remaining flexible.

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