Commercial & Residential Security

Commercial & residential security

In today’s world

where information is highly accessible and privacy is a luxury, the exposed to risk both at work and at home is greatly increased. Properties and people can easily become targets, homes and loved ones can be exposed and exploited.

CONSEC RISK MANAGEMENT has the ability to deploy individuals and teams globally. Comprised of ex-Military and Police with extensive experience in the private sector, our staff can provide a solution to a wide variety of threats.

You may be looking to integrate

Corporate and Retail Security services into your business or have an existing security provider that you are not confident in, due to their approach or ability.

We would welcome any enquiries and offer a free, no obligation analysis of your business and security needs.


provides a smart, professional manned guarding solution for residencies, whether that’s your home or hotel suite, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We secure you, your family and your property from theft or damage by criminals.

In today’s uncertain financial climate, burglary is one of the fastest growing crimes nationwide, with a trend seeing more sophisticated and violent methods used to take your possessions.

Our Residential Security services

are tailored to fit your individual requirements and safeguard against such threats, be it a permanent or temporary measure to secure your home from targeted attacks or opportunist thieves and squatters.

By using a combination of regular internal and external patrols, securing doors and windows, monitoring CCTV, screening mail and controlling access to your property with a manned solution that can include a Security Dog we leave you with complete peace of mind.

We can fully maintain and manage

your property even whilst you are away from home, not only securing it but organising contractors to carry out any work, collect mail, feeding pets, cleaning, washing and ironing, restocking your fridge with and generally preparing the house for your return by.

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